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    Dining Without Guilt Blog
    November 2020

    Dr Hanna Frederick, Chief Desirist, Plymouth, NH, USA, [email protected] | Subscribe | Diet Desires

    Happy Thanksgiving to You and
    Your Family!

    Celebrating Toasting Wine

    Celebrating ThanksgivingThis year, for most of us, our Thanksgiving celebration will be a first -- no family, no friends sharing our table. Only ZOOM… Mostly two-person recipes, so solos might just have leftovers. . . πŸ˜₯

    Thanksgiving is the most precious family holiday for my American husband. As for me, a Hungarian-American, the first time I celebrated Thanksgiving was when we arrived with my first (Transylvanian) husband to Cleveland, Ohio. To our surprise and delight, many of our new work colleagues invited us to share their table – a beautiful new custom for an immigrant.

    Thanksgiving food is always very festive, rich. -- I learned with surprise that a baked turkey can be juicy! (The Hungarian skinny Christmas turkeys needed a chainsaw to slice!)  For the last two decades, with my Californian hubby, we have always been with family or friends
    at the table. Usually, hubby was the chef while
    I gave him a hand as sous chef and baker, but not this time due to COVID.

    Tips for spicing up a COVID-time

    Happy thanksgiving pumpkin mask and autumn leavesMost of us are strongly affected by the
    Pandemic, and sadly this year, we are choosing Zoom and holding virtual holiday
    family gatherings for small parties.

    My Thanksgiving recipes are
    designed for two people, but if your family is larger, you can multiply the
    servings (see 2x or 3x "Ingredients" in the recipe). If you need a diet variation for your traditional
    recipe, send me the comments after any of my recipes, and I get back to you
    quickly with details how.

    Ideas How to
    Celebrate Thanksgiving Virtually With Our Loved Ones

    We can
    all feel more
    connected if we share eating a pie at the same time! Even better,
    if you choose the same pie to make. Then agree to eat it at the
    same time – which might be a challenge if the family or friends live in a
    different time zone!

    How to
    Share the Festive Food with Local Friends, Neighbors during COVID

    Read a few great ideas in this article providing more tips like: planned doorstep food exchange, games etc.

    6 steps to a happy life,
    according to a top doctor

    Being happy feels a whole lot better than not. It’s been proven that getting a little more of the happy stuff in our day, (however small), can be a boost for good health.

    I could not agree more with the doc! But he missed out my favorite remedy: eating with pleasure without guilt!

    So here are some new Thanksgiving recipes for you

    Chipotle Cranberry Chicken    Cranberry Lemon Curd Pie
    Cranberry Chicken (Main) – easy
       Cranberry -  Lemon Curd
    Pie (Dessert) – work of art, but a show-stopper
    Corn Pudding    Vegan Pumpkin Pie Cookies
    Pudding with Bell Peppers (Side Dish) – easy, baked
       Vegan Pumpkin
    Pie Cookies (Dessert) - easy

    Please send me any general comments you wish. I
    reply to everyone. If you like the blog, pass it on to anyone – they can

    Wish you Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe!


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